Bedbugs, More Rats, and Rough Drafts

I was supposed to write an article last week, but I unfortunately got delayed. My boyfriend and I had to deal with a bed bug problem… sounds like fun, right? Not only did it involve spending 100$ in laundry to wash everything made of cloth that we owned, but we also had to empty out all of our possessions at the center of the apartment. That took up a lot of time, and so did the actual extermination, during which we had to abandon ship for several hours and crash at a friend’s place along with my rat, Pikachu.

Which brings me to a new subject: new rats! I recently went to a shelter and adopted two rescue rats for Pikachu to have as friends. If you don’t like cute and cuddly things to warm up your heart, well feel free to skip past these pictures.

If you’re like me and feel happiness jump into my day at the sight of cute things, then observe.





The new boys, Léon and Ziplock (Léon is the black one), are super cuddly and well socialized rats, and make a great addition to the family. They love sitting on my lap when I am writing, just like now. 🙂

Shark Academy News

I have two major scenes left to write in the first volume of Shark Academy, and then it will be time for editing. By the time June comes around, the entire rough draft should be complete.

I am having two or three talented relatives edit my manuscript, but would be open to other editors as well. What I’m talking about is a raw, unedited book I have not gone over yet. If you are interested in being the first to read Demons Below Us, seeing what a rough draft looks like, and would be willing to edit (spelling, checking if ideas and continuity makes sense, overall interest), let me know in the comments. 

This is similar to the early access beta-testing of a video game, if you will. 🙂