Wrecked Bumper

Between my new summer job, my great driving skills (see picture below) and the hockey fever, I have not taken much time to write lately, so I thought it was about time. I say ‘summer’, but I am not quite sure anyone would consider using this word to describe the temperature around here, especially since we are still technically spring. When it’s May and you wake up and see frost covering everything outside, you know summer is still a ways off.



Great way to start the season. And believe it or not, but I was able to accomplish this feat without even leaving my driveway!


Of course, there are also positive things going on. Let’s focus on the positive!


Shark Academy


If everything goes according to plan, Demons Below Us should be published somewhere in July. The first round of editing is over, and I am now waiting on my editors (AKA my boyfriend and my brother) to get another look.


I have already gotten started on Demons Within Us, but the most of the writing will get done only during the school year. I know real summer is coming up, and after spending all day in an office, the last thing I will want to do is spend an hour each night in front of my computer when I could be outside, doing summer stuff. If the writing of Demons Within Us goes as smoothly as its prequel did, one school year should suffice.


In fact, my plan was to write this trilogy in three university years, and to always be ready to publish the final book during the summer. So far so good.


Video Games!


Last week, I received my letter of acceptance to UQAT (Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue) in the bachelor of video game creation! I’m on my way to achieving my second dream.

Even though my schedule promises to be busy with all things video games, I will always do my best to devote some time every day to writing Shark Academy. But it helps to know that from now on, whenever I am playing a video game instead of something else I should be doing, I can defend myself by saying I am conducting research. Hey, I need to know the industry!


Also, for those who enjoy the Pokémon franchise, here are some great news (if you have not heard already). Nintendo officially announced a remake of the Ruby and Sapphire versions. This was music to my ears, since Ruby was the game I played the most when I was younger.



For more information, read this



Stay tuned: I will soon be posting a short preview of Demons Below Us.