Get Moving in 2014- Part 1

If your life is similar to mine, there isn’t a lot of ‘moving’ involved. The things that take up my time are mostly sitting-based. 

I sit on the bus to my classes. I sit in my classes. 

I sit to work on my novel. I’m half-sitting half lying down on my couch as I write these words.

I sit as I play video games.

I stand as I cook! (but then I sit as I eat.)

Studying and writing, which are stationary practices, take up a lot of my time. Maybe getting ideas for writing can happen as I take a refreshing walk, but that is about as far as it goes. My point is, getting physical exercise is key when living an extremely sedentary life like mine.

I make my daily workouts a priority, and allow myself one day a week where I don’t have to move at all. But usually, that day ends up being Saturday, and I end up moving as I spend the day walking around the city with friends or visiting exhibitions or our favourite shops. 

But sometimes it’s difficult to get into exercising. It took me several tries over a few years to actually start working out consistently, so I know how that feels. Most of the time, it’s difficult because there are so many options and so much information available that we don’t know what to trust.

Your best bet is to start simple.

Want to get moving in 2014? This three-part article will cumulate different ways to get moving as well as three beginner workout routines for three different styles. Note that everything I write is based on my own experience and research. I am not a doctor or a health specialist, but I will not be telling you to do specific things, either. These are simply suggestions.

Today’s Focus: Bodyweight Exercise

If you are the type of person who is just beginning or who is intimidated by the weights, there is no need to worry. The weight of your own body is enough to get you in shape. 

Practices available: Yoga, Pilates, and Bodyweight Circuits

What is great about these types of workout is that they don’t have to be expensive. Yoga is better when done in a group class, but there are tons of routines you can find on the web as well. The same thing applies to Pilates. As for Bodyweight Circuits, they can easily be constructed from moves that you know as well as found everywhere on the web, like the previous two examples. 

Bodyweight exercises can be used for beginner workouts, but they can also be taken to further levels. I’m talking Cirque du Soleil level here. Basically, bodyweight workouts are available to people of all levels.

I have actually posted a video of a simple bodyweight workout that you can adapt to your schedule, abilities, and mood. It’s available through this link:


It won’t cost anything to try. This one workout can take from anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how many reps you would like to do. It’s risk free!

(unless you try the flamingo and fall over and split your head on a piece of furniture. I would advise you to clear the space before trying this one move. Believe me, it looks easy, but it’s not.)

To be continued…


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