My Resolutions for 2014

Happy New Year!

I only recently started to make New Year’s resolutions for myself. Usually, I write down very specific goals, because being vague will only be a better excuse for me not to perform well for that resolution, whatever it may be. 

I don’t make resolutions to change my life. I make them to remember to do the things I love doing, because sometimes I tend to forget about those things when I’m busy at life. And isn’t life supposed to be all about doing the things you enjoy?

So here are my biggest resolutions for 2014.

Write a Book

That would be the vague version of my resolution. In fact, I want to finish the first book of my Shark Academy Trilogy. Now, several people have told me that I should not rush writing like this, especially since I am also attending University and working full time in the summer. I get that forcing a deadline for a book might not be a good idea for some people. However, it is crucial for me. If I do not give myself a tangible timeline for writing, I will let it slip. I might get bored of the project and decide to move on, because hey, nothing is making me stick to it! But am making myself stick to it.

It worked for 2013 with Abiding Heart. So here goes for another book this year.

Gain strength

I’ve done the ‘losing weight’ resolution before, and that was okay, but this year I want to focus on gaining strength. I now realize that it isn’t all about the number on the scale. I weigh the same number now as I did two years ago, when I told myself I wanted to lose weight. I did lose weight, but strength training made me heavier again. The difference is that I don’t feel flabby anymore.

(Let’s not mention the flabbiness factor that came from too many desserts during the holidays, shhhhh…)

So this year, I want to continue weightlifting and see where I can take my strength. No more cardio or counting calories. I realized that weightlifting is fun, so why not do it?

Keep the blog/Youtube channel going

I have tried several times before to write a blog, and I have always failed. So far so good, however. My resolution is to keep it going, because if I don’t tell myself that, I will give it up in a few months. But not this time, oh, no.

Same goes for my Youtube channel. I realize that I may not have a lot of time to put into making videos, but I want to try to make at least a few.


Are you making resolutions this year? If you are, what are they?


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