The Four Seasons of Home




I thought it would be nice to share a piece of home.

Because in Val-d’Or, we have four seasons.


There is winter.

After that, we have another season called “After winter.”


Our third season is “Waiting for Winter.” It’s nice, because during this season we have no snow at all. Usually. Hopefully.

And then comes “Before Winter,” and then the cycle begins all over again.


All I know is that I usually don’t like snow. It means cold weather. It means slush if you live in Montréal.

But back home…

It meants beauty.

It means time for family.

It means getting comfortable in a blanket and drinking hot chocolate and playing Life with my siblings.

Basically, whereas snow means a bad time in the city, it means the best of time back home. And that makes it all the more precious.


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