Midnight Prompt #4: Fitful Night

The idea for this short piece came to me when thinking of one particular night. It was fitful and filled with the strangest dreams. You know, when you’re nervous about things you have to do the next day, and your anxiety shows up in your dreams? Well, that was what happened in this case.

I usually make a story for midnight prompts, but this time I have added elements of poetry to it. It’s kind of an experimental piece, since this is the first time I mix prose with poetry in this specific way. Hope you enjoy!

Fitful Night

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

My eyes open wide and I
See nothing at all,
It’s so dark and somehow
I’ve lost the sense of space,
There is no solidity in the
Daze of the night.
The fog once again
Carries me into loss
And my spirit grows wings
To a place that no
Angels may lie,
A place made of nightmares
And dread that crawls
Up in my veins.
There was something I had to do, something so important that it forced me to fall back to sleep, and now that I’m back I must
Hurry, hurry
Hurry because I am truly alone
There is no one here to take my place.
They are chasing us, these things, their dilapidated souls inhabit any object that may happen to lie on their path. We must watch everything from the corner of our eyes less we be taken by surprise and God knows the consequences if we let them catch us,
Is it death,
Or will I just awaken
Again for the hundreth
Time just tonight,
Condemned to dread
What there could have been here.

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