The Writer’s High

So there’s this phenomenon I’ve experienced several times while writing- and no, it doesn’t just happen to me when I’m writing fiction. It can happen pretty much anytime, except that it is much more efficient when writing fiction.

I’ve heard of runner’s high. Although I do encourage running, and I know that it is a great sport, I can’t bring myself to do it that much. I’ve tried sticking to it on and off for about three years, and after a while I found other physical activity that is for me (weightlifting and yoga). One reason that might have lead to my quitting running is that I have never felt the glorious runner’s high.

I can’t tell you what it feels like, but google it and I’m pretty sure you’ll find a lot of testimonies about it. In fact, maybe you’ve experienced it yourself. I felt very disappointed that I could never reach that point during physical exercise, but then writer’s high happened.

So I’m sitting/lying on my back with my computer in front of me/on me, and I’m wearing headphones with intense music to block off the outside world. I’m trapped in a bubble of a world that I have created. On my computer screen, the fictional world of my words is blossoming. I’ve been going at it for a while, and then- it happens.

I begin to float. Somehow, I am just above my body, no longer inside of it. Of course, if I were to check for myself and touch my own skin, I would find that yes, I am still inside my body, and no, I am not floating off my couch. It’s only a sensation, but it’s probably the best feeling there is while writing.

During this phase, the world I am creating out of words is swallowing me up. I have left the material world; I am floating above it. My concentration becomes maximized, and I no longer realize that something exists beyond my story. This is the time when I can create the most intense scenes, because I can easily feel what my characters are feeling. No, scratch that- I AM the character.

This is more bound to happen late in the evening because of fatigue, but it can actually happen anytime if I make a thick enough bubble for myself. The writer’s high is what I enjoy the most about writing. It is relaxing yet intense, and it is a moment of positive solitude where anything is possible.

Have you ever experience something similar? Was it during writing, or while doing something else?

Share your experiences!


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