Midnight Writing Prompt 3

So this time, to find my (not-so) midnight prompt, I used my Facebook status to prompt people to give me ideas. Unfortunately, no one was able to write any ideas, it seems.

Sad face.

So I thought I would tap into my gamer brain again to write this third prompt, and celebrate the coming release of the new Legend of Zelda game, A Link Between Worlds, by taking a look at Majora’s Mask and all of its creepiness.



You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?

The words reverberated through Link’s mind as he ripped his sword out of the dying Majora’s body. He ignored the words, although they sent an inevitable chill through him, and instead watched as the demonic body faded away to nothingness. Soon, there was nothing left on the floor but the mask, empty of any evil vibe.

Link closed his eyes. He was tired, oh so tired. Slowly, he removed the mask that had been covering his entire face, and his body began morphing painlessly back to its original state. The terrible feeling of immense power that had possessed him earlier disappeared completely.

So weak…

It was strange that he felt like this. He looked down at himself and confirmed that he had not been wounded critically. Why was it, then, that he felt as if the blood was draining from his body?

Link tumbled to his knees. The world was blurred in front of his eyes. Something glimmered at the edge of his sight. Could it be-

But no. When he looked, it was gone.

And then the whole world was gone from beneath him; he was floating on a soft cloud of nothingness. He could have sworn he had just been inside the moon before, but now he was nowhere near this place. This place… where was this place?

Link… please, Link, wake up…

He blinked, and suddenly he was on solid ground again. He could smell the grass underneath him. Somewhere, a horse neighed. “What…” he whispered, but his voice was faint. And that was when he realized he was not inside the moon anymore; no, he was in a world of pain like he had never felt before. His whole body burned, as if every bone was broken in his childish body.

Link opened his eyes completely. Through the fog of the pain, he could make out a clearing. He was lying on the forest floor, then. How had he gotten here? And why the pain? It was horrible, breath-taking; oh, if only it would end…

The glimmer appeared in his vision again. But it couldn’t be… This vision eased all the pain in the world, for at last, he had found what he had been looking for.

“Link! Listen! Listen to me! Stay awake!”


The little fairy fluttered frantically above the child’s mangled body. “Oh, Link, you’re awake again. Stay awake. I will stay with you here, Link. I called for help. I am not leaving you, never again.”

“Navi…” Link’s consciousness was slipping again. And then he remembered; the search in the forest, the darkness, Epona’s scare, the deep ravine swallowing him…

But then, where was Termina? It couldn’t possibly…

What if it had all been a dream?

A dying dream, Link. You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?

“You came for me…” Link moaned, trying to budge closer to Navi’s warm light. “It will be all right, then.”

“I’m sorry I left. This is all my fault.” The little fairy was moving around so quickly that her aura appeared to be several flickering lights.

“Navi, settle down. Come next to me.” Suddenly, the flickering stopped, and he felt the warmth of his friend on his shoulder. “It’s all right, I tell you. I’ll be okay, now that I found you.”

Golden tears flowed from Navi’s ethereal body. “Oh, Link…”

The world was receding, now; the pain was slowly lifting from Link’s body. Now he could fly, like Navi had before. He didn’t want to leave like she had, but that was his fate.

“Don’t ever forget me.”




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