It’s Finally Here! (Plus thoughts on self-publishing)

This is it. Abiding Heart is now available through Amazon and the Createspace store!

You can order it here:

Or get it on the kindle here:

So now that the process is over, I feel I have learned a lot about self-publishing. For someone like me, who is a student and doesn’t have much knowledge in agents and publishing businesses and things like that, I believe it is the best option. Self-publishing does take a lot of time and effort, however. I’m lucky to have people in my life who are good English readers/writers and who can help me edit. I’m lucky to be good at grammar and spelling myself!

I chose self-publishing because finding an agent and/or sending dozens of manuscripts to publishing companies is, in my opinion, more time-consuming and complicated than doing the work myself. Createspace offers all the services needed to format the manuscript, create a good cover page (although the cover art was hand-drawn by me- some people might have to find another artist to do that part for them), and distribute work.

The part I’m worried about the most is the promotion. That is certainly one aspect that large publishing companies have that I do not. But then again, these same companies take most of your profit and place it into their own pockets.

What I loved the most about this process was that I could do things whenever I wanted to. I don’t have a time limit or a specific date to finish a step in the process. This enabled me to work on the book when I was less busy in my schoolwork and personal life.

I hope you can enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it.


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