My Next Project: Shark Academy

I wanted to write about the next big project I want to undertake once Abiding Heart is out of editing mode. This project will be for a slightly younger audience, but still interesting for older readers: think Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

As the title of the post says, it will be called “Shark Academy.” No, it is not an academy for sharks- if you are a shark, I am sorry to disappoint you. The name Shark only refers to the founder of the academy, Leopold Shark.

Here is the mythology of the story: the world is tainted with evil spirits that threaten to destroy humanity. These spirits are invisible to untrained humans, and therefore very difficult to stop. One man, Leopold Shark, realizes the potential power he holds and exploits it to become a warrior. He enrolls his family and friends; together, they build an academy meant to train kids to use their inner power, in hopes to have warriors capable of defending humanity.

Leo Shark is the first human to ever discover his power, and he is also the strongest; at the time of his death, he succeeds in keeping the energy of his soul together to remain a ghostly mentor at his academy for all time.

Today, if kids want to enroll at Shark Academy, they have to search for the enchantment that will bring Leo Shark to their door. However, the tale of Leo Shark is dismissed as a simple bedtime story, and almost no one really attempts it.

Every Shark Academy book will be made up of a few shorter, novella-sized stories. Main characters in one story may appear in other stories, either as another main figure or as someone in the background. There will be a main underlying conflict throughout the whole book. I’ll begin with one book, but the ending will always be open to expansion.

So everything I’ve written above is the basis for the background of Shark Academy. Eventually, I could write about Leo Shark’s life, but it would not make a good first book for this series. The actual character triggering the story will be fiery Elyssa Rodgers, a high school teenager who dresses to impress but doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. Her best friend, Theo Pinsent, is more on the shy side, but always follows Elyssa into her mischief. This is what leads our two young friends into summoning Leopold Shark.

But when Elyssa gets them into trouble beyond what they could ever imagine, it will be up to her to right her wrongs, even if that means risking her life and breaking even more rules.

That’s all I want to say for now! This project is still in planning mode, and so nothing is certain yet. Let me know if you have comments, questions, or suggestions about the idea 🙂


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