Midnight Writing Prompt Number 1- Terraria Fan-Fiction

I don’t know about other fellow writers out there, but I get my most inspiring writing bursts in the middle of the night. That actually kind of sucks for me, because I need my sleep. I get tired really easily; if I so much as miss one hour of sleep in one night, I will feel it the next day. For sure. My body will be like, “Yo, this is what you get for mistreating me, I’m calling child services, bitch!” Annoying pampered thing.

But, I guess there are worst things out there than being tired. That’s what coffee is for, no?

So this is what these Midnight Writing Prompts are going to be all about. Okay, technically, it’s not midnight right NOW- it’s like 10:30- but for the sake of having a cool name, let’s just go with it and pretend it’s really late. So once in a while, when I don’t feel like going to bed, I’ll just write something, or completely geek out and write a random fan-fiction thing.

If anyone’s with me, I’d love to read any writing prompts people can come with at this time, and what you do to inspire yourself. Personally, I listen to instrumental music, like movie soundtracks, Two Steps From Hell, or my sister’s computer-composed music.

So here goes!


Midnight Writing Prompt Number 1- Saving Terraria


I awaken again. The pain in my body makes me wish I had remained asleep- maybe for all eternity. The bruises from last night are starting to show, and I look like a patchwork of blue and purple and green and white skin. I take a look at my hands and realize one of the beasts have taken a finger from me. In the human patchwork of myself, I should add red.

My head turns with horrific nausea, and with a strong impulse my body wrenches forward and I empty my guts out. Tears burn out of my eyes, and it stings in my throat and my stomach is burning down; once it is empty, I can do nothing but stare dizzily at the pile of puddle of vomit that should have remained inside to sustain my body. I close my eyes and sigh. There is nothing I can do.

The room around me is dark except for a single torch I have lit and installed next to my makeshift bed; the aforementioned piece of furniture is a rocky wooden frame holding a thin layer of silk, just strong enough to hold me like a hammock. I am surprised it has held at all, along with the wooden shelter that stands above my head. If not for this shelter, I would already be dead.

I close my eyes again. Oh, the wonders and beauties that this land had promised us! Gold and even more marvelous treasures were said to hide beneath its soil. Attracted by its virgin luxuries, we had set sail to become its first pioneers.

Sara, our nurse, was the first to fall. She had run to our injured guide and something horrible, something indescribably monstrous had snatched her into its gigantic mouth. There is no possible way I can describe this beast with human words. The one word I think of when I try to think of anything is…


This place is tainted with the blood of something rotten. We may be the first humans to have befallen the land, but there is a much darker force that has taken a hold of it before us. It destroys me to know that this paradise is burning in Hell. Like sinners surrendering to their doom, all of them fell, one by one. We tried to fight, of course, but they are too numerous.

And then last night, when there were only two of us… Raphael, my beloved, the one person my soul was meant to be shared with…

Taken aback by my love for this perfect example of what humanity should be, I stared at Raphael’s face, for just a second too long…

And I saw my beloved’s abdomen torn through by the creature’s tentacles… the look of pain and horror in those eyes…

Crimson, everything was crimson, everything was doom and fire and blood and death.

Somehow I carried Raphael back to the shelter, just long enough to say last words. I didn’t cry. I couldn’t. I had to be brave, for my love’s final departure.

That was when I saw it. The truth.

This land has to be cleansed.

Somehow, I know how to do it. I am half dead, incomplete, heart broken; that does not matter. It is as if Raphael’s spirit is guiding me to the ultimate truth I need to discover. I am the only one left alive. Only I can save Terraria.

Today, I travel to the underworld, where most of these beasts have come from. Somehow, I know I will not die- I cannot die- until I accomplish was I was sent here to do. There is a reason I was spared, and it is to restore the rightful spirits of this land. To give it a chance to thrive. To conquer evil.

Today, I make my way to Hell. I defeat every petty enemy that comes to stand in my way. They stand no chance against me, now that I have a purpose. My blade brushes through them like butter, blood explodes like jam in the air, until I reach my destination.

Today, I complete the rituals. Once again, Raphael’s angel spirit guides me, and I know more than I should. A sudden tremor overtakes the earth, and out of the steaming magma, It comes out- something more horrific and rotten than anything I have had to overcome before. Like a wall, it towers over me and comes closer. The stench is terrifying, like a thousand corpses rotting in its infernal mouths. 

Today, I proudly raise my sword and stand tall. Nothing will make me back away. One of the beast’s mouths open wide, revealing hundreds of teeth that are meant to shred me. I can sense its heart nearby; my own is beating faster than ever before, threatening to rip out of my chest. But it will not. I will do this.

The creature’s lips surround me and begin to close in. I do not close my eyes. I let Raphael guide me, show me where its heart lies. My sword penetrates it just as the teeth close in on me.

The ancient spirits of light and dark have been released.





About “Abiding Heart”

So Abiding Heart is what I’ve been working on for a while now. It is the first novel I plan to publish. Although it is still in editing mode, I hope for it to be out by November, or December at the latest.

What is Abiding Heart about? It takes place several decades from now, after the third World War has ravaged North America. Government has fallen, and a new but chaotic order is rising again. Selena, our main protagonist, is sold into slavery by her abusive father and fears for the safety of her younger brother and sister. She must become stronger not only to escape, but to attempt to take down the new rising order that threatens to enslave what is left of humanity.

And, of course, she must have time to fall in love.

A bit of context as to where this story came from: at first, it was just supposed to be a very short novella meant as a final graduating project in CEGEP (if you’re not in Québec, CEGEP is basically college, or preparatory for university). I studied in Creative Arts, which is a two year pre-university program, and the department holds an exposition every semester for graduating students. I wrote the story, and the more I got into it, the more I realized there was a potential for a deeper idea. Thus, Abiding Heart was born.

You will like Abiding Heart if you love action, suspense, and a little bit of romance. Be ready to follow Selena and maybe tumble down with her as she pulls you into her occasional madness.


Hi everyone 🙂


I’m a writer who is currently attending university. I am studying in Communication Studies at Concordia in Montréal.

Apart from studying, I spend my time writing poetry and songs; I also work on long-term projects like novels. I currently have one novel in the editing process as of now, Abiding Heart. 

Feel free to leave comments or questions, I am looking forward to answering them!